The End of My Invisalign Treatment!? | 隱適美透明牙套18-完結篇?!

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Hey guys!!! I just uploaded a video about my Invisalign treatment several weeks ago.
I was so excited that I could be able to get rid of my Invisalign
coz I was really annoyed by having to brush my teeth after each meal!!!
However, whenever I thought “Oh, this time could be the last time I come back to this clinic!”
well… the truth is, I was wrong.
The doctor would always find some defects that still take about 2~4 weeks or even more to fix them.

Luckily, after being disappointed for several times, I guess this time I finally get rid of Invisalign!!!
The doctor gave me a retainer and asked me to wear a whole day every day.
Umm… it’s troublesome, isn’t it? So I only wear it after I finish my dinner till next day’s morning.
I have no idea whether my teeth will get messy again by this way; hope not:-P

I’ll go to see my doctor after three months to see if I want to make some more adjustments or
I decide to get my Invisalign retainer, which is different from what I got this time;
the Invisalign retainer is much expensive(according to what my doctor said.)

Okay, that’s all!
Since I speak Chinese in the video,
I guess I don’t have to translate the above( All right, I confess that I am super lazyXD )
And here is the video, hope you will like it:-)!

If you have any other questions about Invisalign that I didn’t share before,
please leave a comment down below!
Or if you want to share your Invisalign journey with me, I’m super glad to hear it?!!!

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